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City of Fountains Weighing to Cut $12M From Police Budget

City of Fountains Weighing to Cut $12M From Police Budget

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City of Fountains Mayor Quinton Lucas said his offered budget would cut close to $12 million from the city’s police department.

This is a decision he blaming on Congress’ negligence last year to pass aid to help local governments cope with revenue losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inaction of Congress

“This is very closely tying to the inaction of Congress,” Lucas told The Star. It was in a phone call a few hours before the budget proposal was releasing. “To back the people in blue, I ask why they aren’t helping the state to get millions of dollars?”

City of Fountains Budget Proposal

Released on Thursday afternoon, Lucas’ budget proposal contains deep cuts. It was as opposed to the spending plan the City Council adopted last year. It was boosting by funding in several areas. In fact, it made bus transit fare free right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. To shrink spending, the city has worked all year to match the decline in revenue. This was brought on by the pandemic and economic fallout.

City of Fountains Police Department and City Hall Cuts

On Wednesday evening, during his State of the City address, Lucas did acknowledge there would be cuts to the Kansas City Police Department and across departments at City Hall. However, he assured residents the city wouldn’t lay off any employees those include police officers.

Mayor Lucas Wants to Ease Police Officer Fears

“In fact, no officer will need to lose their jobs due to budget cuts. Therefore, no stations will need to be closed,” he said.

Moreover, City Manager Brian Platt, basically said the same.

“Currently on the street, every officer and every position that is presently filling will stay filled, Platt said. “We are just not budgeting for additional positions.”

Personnel Costs are a Big Part of the Budget

Therefore, personnel costs are a major proportion of the agency’s budget.

Controlled by a board appointed by the Missouri governor, the department meaning the City Council has control over how it can give to the KCPD yet not its operations. The savings should come from leaving all presently vacant staff positions open.

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