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250 GTO Replicas On the Way

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Photo by Rob Oo
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250 GTO replicas may roll out within the next few years. This week, the EU’s cancellation division overturned a trademark case. And with legal permission to proceed, Ares Designs may be making affordable replicas of this classic car in the near future.

A court ruled in 2019 that the design and shape of the Ferrari 250 GTO counted as “art” and thus could not be replicated as a kit-car. Trademarks can be revoked if there is not continuous and genuine use within five years, though. And while Ferrari has used the 250 GTO body to make toys and model cars, none of those cars have been functional.

250 GTO Replicas: Why They’ll Sell

Ferrari originally only made 39 units of the 250 GTO model. Since its 1960s debut, it has become one of the most expensive collector cars ever sold. Reports suggest a buyer may have purchased a unit for $80 million at one point. For many, the thrill of owning this kind of car has to do with its exclusivity. They own something that very few other people in the world own. And that comes with a hefty price tag. The money spent may even be a part of the pride of ownership.

But what about fans that love the design of the car and don’t care too much about it being a part of the original set? What about drivers that just love the look and feel of these incredibly limited cars?

Replica cars can be the answer. Ares Design functions by recreating expensive sports cars and making them slightly more accessible. Don’t get us wrong–these aren’t cheap cars by any stretch of the imagination. But they are more accessible to collectors who are enthusiastic enough to spend a few hundred thousand on a car rather than several million.

Does this diminish the value of the original car designs? Maybe. But if the glory of owning one of the originals is the fact that it’s one of just a few, replica cars don’t rob owners of that title. And even Ares Design creates a limited number of replicas. So it’s not like we’re going to suddenly see the streets flooded with 250 GTOs.

These kinds of specialty collector’s cars are why we made our hot shot enclosed transport service. If you need your GTO replica shipped, give us a call today!

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