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Aston Martin DB5 Drives Around On The Silverstone Track

You are currently viewing Aston Martin DB5 Drives Around On The Silverstone Track
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From the James Bond movies comes an Aston Martin! This car is possibly the second-most iconic character besides 007 himself. So really, when we see these cars in the classic film franchise, these cars are made from carbon fiber. They have straight-piped inline-six transmissions and a cockpit that would make anybody coo. The steering of these vehicles is light and fanciful. To give the six-speed manual a try is to say that they’re capable of so much with a steel spaceframe with a 98.0-inch wheelbase. Altogether, the vehicle weighs in at about 2200 pounds. There’s no need for tougher tires than the 205/70R-15 Avons.

The Aston Martin Produces Roughly 300 Horsepower

Certainly, the engine, being a S54 3.2-liter six, is of the most prized quality that BMW has to offer. When you look at Aston Martin cars, you can always anticipate excellence and class to be prominent from the condition of the vehicle itself. The DB5 has a very lightweight posture to it. It’s no different being that the replica is able to tail out around almost every corner. By using this car or replica, you may just be the coolest person around. The six has enough strength so as to move and swivel past the competition. It’s all for the greater good.

By which way it’s almost easy to assume that the Aston Martin can very well be the car that saves the world from malignance most persistent. This is all to chase the ambition of making a better and brighter future out of movie cars and their replicas. The Aston Martin DB5 is a perfect example of this. When you see V8 Vantage cars and compare them to the vehicles that we have now, it’s total perfection. There is also a handleability to it that is quite comforting.

If you’re lucky enough to buy a car like this, make sure to protect it on its way to you with our enclosed trailers. These cars are incredibly rare and valuable, so make sure to protect your asset!

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