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Car auctions provide a great way to expand on your ordinary methods of car shopping. An auction displays their inventory online, allowing someone states away to peruse their offers. When local dealerships and resellers don’t offer the exact model and features you desire, an auction gives you another chance to find your ideal car. Furthermore, they provide another option to compare pricing against.

However, once you find that perfect vehicle, how do you retrieve it? An auction win from across the country suddenly feels less like a win and more like a chore. Though, an alternative to traveling to pick it up yourself offers simplicity and convenience.

Wichita Car Transport consists of experts in the field of car shipping. Distance no longer poses a deterrent to buying a faraway car. If you purchase a car through an auction in California, our professional carriers bring it straight to your driveway in Wichita. Since we prioritize convenience and ease of use, you don’t have to worry about anything once you call us. We take car of the vehicle’s shipment at every stage, informing you of its quick delivery.

Auction Wins Paired With Winning Auto Transport

The network of carriers employed by Wichita Car Transport span the entirety of the United States. Therefore, shipping door to door in any part of the country comes standard with our services. As an industry leader, we established a comprehensive map of carriers that work in every state. That also means, in addition to shipping from any auction across the country, we ship quickly.

Though, if you needed your vehicle sooner than our ordinary time frame, we offer expedited shipping. This option ensures the quickest pick up from the seller. The car gets onto the road quicker, thus arriving at your home as soon as possible. It’s just one of the ways we tailor our services to your specific needs. Ship with a variety of options, from open trailers to enclosed transport to limit the amount of dust and rain reaching your vehicle. We can also ship your car individually.

Regardless of your shipping preferences, we provide all services with impeccable customer service conducted by helpful agents. Our agents know the business inside and out and know how best to schedule your shipment. We pair their talents with the tools befitting them to offer you the best car shipping experience. Whether you bought an inoperable car or a rare collectible, the experts we employ possess the knowledge and know-how to tackle the job. Our safety standard ensure your new car reaches you in perfect condition.

So, don’t wait to call us at (316) 247-8958 to set up your shipment today!