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Autonomous Cars Coming This Autumn: Ford Escapes Monotony

You are currently viewing Autonomous Cars Coming This Autumn: Ford Escapes Monotony
No, autonomous Mustangs are not here yet, unfortunately.
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Ford is prepping for a self-driving car that could change the automotive and autonomous industries forever. The test subject is based on the Ford Escape Hybrid crossover. First of all, It’s the automaker’s fourth overall partnership with Argo AI. The vehicle includes “launch-intent” tech that are necessary for commercialization. Argo AI is an autonomous vehicle start-up. Secondly, the testing will begin in October along with a fleet of 100 other autonomous vehicles based off of Fusion Hybrid sedan, currently out-of-production. Furthermore, Ford’s looking to integrate these vehicles into test fleets all over America.

Ford has Big Plans for its Autonomous Cars

Ford’s planned a commercial self-driving vehicle business for 2021. But due to the pandemic, plans have been on hold until 2022. Ford has even been thinking about building an autonomous vehicle without controls. That means no steering wheel or pedals since no one technically has to be in the driver’s seat. Since Tuesday, a spokesman has confirmed that those priorities will stay intact. Several factors are being seen with high consideration. These include safety, community acceptance of self-driving vehicles, and regulations to maximize the integrity of the other two factors. Other upgrades are the higher resolution camera, Lidar technology (which uses lasers), and a more capable set of radar sensors.

In my opinion, this is not only great for Ford to do but for me to hear. I’ve long been grappling with the idea of flying cars and asking myself why don’t they exist yet. Well, here’s the answer: No one cares about flying. No one will until we get our own behinds off the ground. Then, create a line of vehicles that are the utmost in energy efficiency, fuel economy, safety, and of course, autonomy! If we can find ourselves a car like that, we can fly ourselves a car like an Escape Hybrid!

Would you get this car? I probably would, had I the money. But where would you even take it?

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