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Bill Nye The Science Guy Likes Porsche Taycans Too Much

You are currently viewing Bill Nye The Science Guy Likes Porsche Taycans Too Much
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You remember the Science Guy, Bill Nye? He ran a televised series, getting kids interested in scientific processes. This guy was such a celebrity back then, that marketing teams for all sorts of brands and teams. The big deal here however, is that Bill Nye is doing everything he can to show us that not only is he a car guy (and a big Porsche fan), but also, he really likes wind. This is evident from the very way he handles the wheel and shows us scientific understanding with all of his geeky but endearing explanations of the Porsche vehicles themselves.

Why Is Bill Nye Talking About Porsche So Much?

Essentially, Bill Nye is referring to the future. But the future is being found in a very amusing set of videos to show the capabilities of the Porsche Taycan. There are so many unique features of the Porsche Taycan that not anyone can totally realize on their own. There happens to be explanations by Bill Nye, from two-speed transmissions to the 800-volt battery. Among other details, Bill Nye is really making it known that this Porsche is truly a revolutionary model.

In what ways? Well, to detail them well enough, here are some of the highlights.


Of course the Porsche Taycan has an amazing design. But did you know that this model is capable of streamlining the competition, even on tight turns?

800 Volts

Do you know what’s amazing about this speedy vehicle? It’s the amount of voltage that the battery can handle. That’s just like Bill Nye to appreciate.

Regenerative Braking

When the wind moves through this vehicle, there’s little thought put into the braking aspect of the vehicle. When you brake, the energy starts to regenerate for the battery. Isn’t that something special?

Repeat Performance

When Bill Nye explains the repeat performance aspect of this vehicle, he illustrates that it can consistently deliver.

Two-Speed Transmission

And that type of deliverance is only capitalized here with enough gears that can produce the torque you need. Just to smoke out the competition.

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