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Car Collector

A car collector appreciates all the finer details of a vehicle’s construction and aesthetic. They scour the market seeking treasured rare, luxury, and exotic cars to expand their collection. Additions often come from great distances away. Rather than travel to the car and drive it back, a car collector better protects their new investment by shipping it home. As such, a car collector should employ an auto transport company with the experience and finesse required to ship collectible cars.

Many companies offer auto shipping services for any type of car. However, the trick becomes finding a reliable car transporter with the expertise to handle special shipments. One may attract you with convenient pick up, but fail to provide adequate safety measures. Another might have all the proper equipment to deal with your newly purchase collectible car, but lacks the range to deliver to you.

Wichita Car Transport offers convenience, safety, and affordability across all 50 US states.

The Top Choice for a Car Collector

Wichita Car Transport uses the industry’s most professional drivers in a network encompassing the entire country. We deliver door to door, which means no driving required. Additionally, if you purchased an inoperable vehicle, we possess the tool to load and unload it for you. In fact, no car is outside the bounds of our capabilities. And as a car collector, you will appreciate the options we provide you when choosing how to ship your car.

Our enclosed shipping provides the utmost protection against both road dust and weather in transit. Soft-side enclosed shipping protects your vehicle, but at a cheaper cost. However, if you need more assurance, we provide hard-side, as well. Additionally, our drivers take the greatest care handling your vehicles during the loading and unloading process, as well as on the road. They secure it, handle it minimally, and ensure it’s safety during travel.

We also ship from all types of sellers. Coordination with auto dealerships means simple and quick retrieval of your vehicle even across state borders. Whether you buy from a dealer, an independent seller, or an estate, we offer all the services necessary to transport the vehicle directly to you and at an affordable price.

So, when it comes to reliable, professional, and affordable car shipping, you know who to call. Reach Wichita Car Transport today by calling (316) 247-8958 and one of our friendly, knowledgeable agents will walk you through the process and schedule your shipment.