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Car Shipping Tips

How to Prepare a Vehicle for Shipping

Shipping your vehicle might at first appear like a daunting task. However, with the right company, it’s anything but difficult. Though, there are some things you should know when preparing your vehicle for transport. For your convenience, we crafted this handy and easy to follow guide. Read on to learn the proper car shipping tips to help you ready your car for shipment.

Car Shipping Tip #1: Schedule appropriately.

While you fly to your destination, your vehicle rides on a car carrier driving on the ground. Therefore, it takes time to reach its ultimate end point. So, it’s important to schedule your car shipment with enough time. If you need your car by a certain date, follow these general timetables:

In-State Delivery: 1-3 Days.

Up to 1000 Miles: 3-5 Days.

1000-1250 Miles: 4-5 Days.

1250-2000 Miles: 6-8 Days.

2000-3000 Miles: 7-9 Days.

3000 Miles and Above: 9-11 Days.

Tip #2: Keep your car clean.

Prior to the vehicle’s loading onto the trailer, clean it, both inside and out. For one, it clears away dirt that allows you to see any preexisting damage. Scratches, dents, and other marks hide beneath filth, and you want to know the condition of your vehicle. Also, cleaning out your car ensures nothing loose jostles about during transport. Flying objects damage both the car’s interior, and the object itself.

Tip #3: Conduct an inspection.

In the previous tip, we mentioned cleaning to see any damage. You want to document any damage to your car before it ships so you don’t mistake them for new damage upon delivery. It’s important for insurance to note irregularities. Furthermore, check for any leaks beneath the vehicle. If anything leaks, repair it before you ship.

Tip #4: Take off custom add-ons.

Certain vehicle accessories pose a safety issue to your car during transit. For example, maybe your car features a spoiler over its trunk. While aesthetically sharp, you don’t want it broken. Remove it for the duration of transport.

Tip #5: Keep only a quarter tank of gas.

Very little driving takes place during transit, only to load and unload. As such, your vehicle doesn’t need a full tank. Carriers minimize the weight of their shipments for safety and efficiency. When you keep a full tank, you add unnecessary weight to the trailer.

Tip #6: Decide where you want it picked up.

Our company provides free door to door transport, which means no travel for you. However, some locations, such as those remote or difficult to reach, prove too tricky for trailers to reach. If this is your case, arrange for an alternate pick up location. Otherwise, wherever is most convenient works for us.

Tip #7: Do a walk around with the driver.

Once the car carrier arrives to load your vehicle, conduct a walk around with them. Go over all preexisting damage so both of you mirror each other’s notes. We want to be on the same page. Also, you know your vehicle best. Let the driver know anything they don’t readily see so they can add it to their file.

Tip #8: Turn off the alarm.

Your vehicle remains safe for the duration of its travel. The carrier sees to it. Therefore, you can turn off the alarm. If the trailer rocks when it rolls over a bump, you don’t want to annoy the driver with an alarm they can’t shut off. Furthermore, don’t lock it. The driver will have to enter your vehicle when loading and unloading.

Tip #9: Wait.

Understand that shipping your car takes a little time. Road conditions, weather, and shipping regulations dictate the speed at which your car travels. However, you also receive the driver’s contact information for extenuating circumstances. Feel free to check in when they exceed your allotted dropoff time.

Tip #10: Wrap up the process!

When the vehicle arrives at its destination, the carrier unloads the car into your driveway, or wherever you directed them. Go over the vehicle once more and verify no damage took place. Update the contract, known as the Bill of Landing, if needed, and bid the driver adieu!

Now you know how to navigate the simple process after reading our car shipping tips, give us a call to schedule yours at (316) 247-8958.