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Send your child back to school with their own car!
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Is your child going off to college this back-to-school season? Well, if they are a driver, do not let them go carless! Having the independence of being in college with your own car is a game changer that can make a young adult’s life completely easier. Getting around a college campus and college town is made so much easier with your own vehicle. But getting the car to your child’s college campus is not always as easy as it seems. For some, depending on where they go to school, it can mean having to drive across the country. But there is no need to waste the time and money to do that when you can have us do the hard work for us!

In the long run, you would save lots of time and money by not using gas and instead using our college transport services.

It can be very difficult to make a college move happen regularly, especially when it happens across the country. That’s why we are here to help ease the stress of the move! We put you, your child, and the car first so we guarantee that we will work with you and your family to coordinate the best shipping plan and schedule for you! We offer open and enclosed auto transportation options and can do door-to-door or expedited shipping for either!

Shipping to a college campus is one of our specialties! We know how stressful of a time it can be to move your child across the country for school, both for you and for them. You both have to think of saying goodbye, you think of your child on their own, and they think of being on their own and starting the journey of college. That’s why we always want to help no matter what! Sending your child with their car will help ease some of the worries you have about leaving them and both of you can feel safer knowing they are with a piece of home that will help take care of them.

This back-to-school season, feel free to give us a call and find out more about our college auto transportation services! You can also receive a free price quote!

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