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College Auto Shipping

A lot goes into a college move. For most, it’s the first time a child leaves the nest to live on their own. They pack away their belongings and prepare themselves for the next chapter. One important component of all college moves is the car. College kids need their cars to get around campus and beyond. However, the process of driving it to school seems cumbersome and time-consuming. Another option is to ship the car from home directly to the dorm parking lot.

Many students attend college and universities out of state. It provides the opportunity to experience a different city and expand horizons. However, the shift proves quite the task. Transporting everything comes easier once you entrust the largest item to a reliable auto transport company. Wichita Car Transport has been shipping across the entire United States for well over a decade. We take excellent care of every car we ship. Furthermore, we communicate with you through every stage of the process. You don’t have to worry about an inattentive auto shipper failing to provide updates. With friendly, personable agents, we reassure you at every phase of the college move. We even provide a special discount for students!

The Easiest Way To Handle A College Move

Wichita Car Transport makes the entire shipping process as simple and convenient as possible. In addition to our attentive staff, we utilize a fleet of experienced and careful car carriers. They pick up your student’s car right from your home and deliver it directly to the campus they attend. Our door to door service cuts out any extra travel for you. They also know how to load and unload any type of vehicle. Whether the car is oversized, inoperable, manual transmission, or, in fact, a motorcycle, our professionals carry the necessary equipment and know-how to transport it.

So, save yourself or your student the drive. If you worry about your teenage child traveling the long distance to school alone, we offer the perfect solution. Fly with them while we ship their car. A college move couldn’t be easier. Not to mention, we allow up to 100 pounds of items inside the car during transport. Ordinarily, you aren’t allowed to pack the car, but a limited amount of luggage is permissible. Have a few extra items you don’t want to check in flight? Not a problem, just tell us ahead of time and we’ll be happy to allow it.

Don’t wait! Give us a call at (316) 247-8958 and don’t forget to mention you want help with a college move to get a special student discount!