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Corporate Relocation

Modern business stretches even small companies across the company. Through the internet and globalization, our society interconnects across vast distances. While tools help businesses work across these distances, sometimes they need to move. A corporate relocation involves a lot of work. Among the many facets, office equipment packs up and moves, employees occasionally relocate, and fleets must reach their new home.

For companies with fleets of vehicles, the task proves mighty. It’s no easy feat to transport a collection of company cars from one office to another. Though, for businesses using cars in their daily operations, they must transport them quickly. Any delay imposes upon the health of the company. A corporate relocation can be treacherous if executed poorly.

That’s why you need to employ a professional, fast, and easy to use auto shipping service like Wichita Car Transport. As the industry leader, we ship within Kansas and all across the United States. Whether you move your business across the state or across the country, our car carriers offer the solution to your fleet transport needs. With carriers operating in all 50 states, we ship your company’s cars directly to their new home.

The Top Choice For Corporate Relocation

Since we prioritize convenience, we make the entire process as easy for you as possible. In addition to door to door car transport anywhere in the country, we offer full load services. With the ability to reserve an entire trailer for your fleet, we cut out additional stops. This greatly expedites your shipping time. We understand how important the use of your cars is to the operation of your business. You need them at the new location perhaps sooner than anything else. We coordinate with you to provide them to workers as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, we recognize companies use all types of vehicles in the course of doing business. Therefore, our professional carriers possess the equipment and the knowledge to tackle any type of vehicle shipping. Trucks of all sizes, RVs, buses, and vans, among all other types of cars, ship with ease. We tailor a service to your business’s needs, accounting for your fleet’s unique specifications. We also treat each vehicle with the utmost care. Just because they’re used for work doesn’t mean they can take a beating. Their security is guaranteed through their transportation process.

If you need corporate relocation fleet shipping services, give us a call today at (316) 247-8958. Our friendly agents work with you to determine the exact services you need.

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