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County Health Leaders Believe COVID-19 Numbers Will Keep Sinking

You are currently viewing County Health Leaders Believe COVID-19 Numbers Will Keep Sinking
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Finally, after seven long months, the rate of new cases for coronavirus in the Sunflower State has dropped below 1,000. Sedgwick County Health Leaders are optimistic about these numbers continuing to fall. The Department of Health and Environment claims there have only been 997 new cases since Friday. It was only since July 19th, 2021 that Kansas had about 802 new cases. Unfortunately, the KDHE cannot quite track the individuals testing positive with in-home testing kits.

From the number of people testing positive, 96 of them possess the COVID-19 omicron variant. Specifically, that person contains the delta variant. The state tests two percent of positive cases for variants. Within the few days, the amount of Kansas COVID-19 deaths increases through a 10-count of folk. Therefore this takes the death toll to 7,917. The KDHE doesn’t update the seven-day rolling average number of deaths from Friday.

All of this positivity is very different from last year, when COVID-19 nearly caused Kansas hospitals to buckle under its weight.

COVID-19 Won’t Stop Kansas, County Health Officials Say

So far, 39 hospitals have been giving updates on COVID-19 admissions and patients. Such hospitals report 45 new hospitalizations. Through the weekend, the KDHE has reported health workers administering beyond 5,800 doses of COVID-19 vaccines. In which case, there have been 1,392 Kansans having a first dose of vaccine, the 1,970 of them were able to get their second dose and about 2,454 of them got the third dose. About 65.99% of them have gotten one dose. While 57.07% of them completed a vaccine series.

On Wednesday, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office saw the death of Sheriff Robert Craft. He himself died of COVID-19. This all being throughout the past two years of many officers dying from the virus in other counties as well, such as Newton, Gove, Sedgwick, Sherman and Allen. These areas are very much well officers have died from COVID-19. This is all according to a law enforcement officer’s fatality report. In which we see the gritty details. 301 officers themselves have died of COVID-19 in 2021 just in the United States, where that’s totally a 65-percent increase from the year before. The report displays well in 2021, where Kansas has shown 1 to 3 COVID-19 law enforcement fatalities, where the number is higher. Several of those cases show that the officer was vaccinated, yet were not provided such information.

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