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Dealer Purchase

The internet drastically expanded the marketplace for auto buyers. Whether buying from an independent reseller or a dealership, the vast resources of the web help you connect with a bigger pool of options. Dealers in your city may sell the exact make and model you desire, but lack certain features or colors. Therefore, you turn to the web. But when do you do once you find the perfect car…thousands of miles away? You could fly there and drive it home. However, a much simpler solution is to ship your dealer purchase using car transport services.

Most dealerships offer their inventory to customers online. It allows buyers to shop for specs otherwise difficult to track down. The perfect alignment of year, make, model, and features might happen a great distance from where you live. After making the purchase, you have options. The first and most obvious is to travel to the car and drive it home. However, that option features serious downsides. Foremost, you lose a substantial amount of time. Traveling to pick up the car, then driving it back eats days out of your schedule. Then, there’s cost. The amount of money you spend taking time off, then on plane tickets, and finally on gas adds up. Finally, you add miles to a newly purchased car.

Another option solves all of these issues in a convenient method of delivery.

Shipping a Dealer Purchase with Wichita Car Transport

Electing to ship your car with our services saves you time, money, and miles on your brand new car. We provide a variety of options all geared towards the customer’s convenience. Depending on the type of car you bought as a dealer purchase, you may wish to use our enclosed car shipping option. It provides added protection against weather and road dust. However, we also provide open car shipping, a more popular and affordable choice.

Additionally, we ship every order door to door, meaning you don’t have to travel to a pick up location. Imagine completing the entire process of buying a new car from the comfort of your own home. You make contact with a dealer that has the exact car you want. Then, you contact Wichita Car Transport to pick up and deliver the vehicle. Finally, the car shows up in your driveway, delivered by one of our expert car carriers.

It really is that simple. To get started, give us a call at (316) 247-8958 and one of our friendly agents will assist you.