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Enclosed Trailer

Basically, 2 main options comprise the total of car shipments in the auto transport industry. Open and enclosed trailer shipping provide different levels of protection. While open loads your vehicle onto a trailer without walls, enclosed trailers provide barriers between vehicles and the open air. As such, they protect against road dust, debris, and weather while en route.

While open trailer shipping remains an entirely safe option, some vehicles require extra care. Those that collect cars, or ship rare and exotic vehicles, desire a bit more security for their expensive asset. We provide the most secure option with our enclosed trailer shipping. Your vehicle loads inside either a metal or canopied trailer and remains there until delivery. You also have the option between the two. The first, soft side trailer shipping, still provides protection, but at a cheaper cost. The second, hard side trailer shipping, completely blocks out the elements, encasing the vehicles within a metal box.

Either provide additional security and safety for your vehicle. Choosing which depends on your personal preference and the type of vehicle you ship. Once you make your decision, we handle the rest.

Enclosed Trailer Shipping with the #1 Auto Transporter

For those seeking more protection, look no further than Wichita Car Transport. With a network of experienced and equipped car carriers spanning all 50 states, we’re prepared to take care of your vehicle’s shipment. Our carriers load approximately 2 to 4 vehicles inside an enclosed trailer at a time, and secure each with straps to prevent any rolling around. When loading, they utilize a hydraulic lift to raise the vehicle up. This is a much safer option that avoids pulling your vehicle up a ramp.

Furthermore, we ship any type of vehicle. Whether shipping exotic vehicles, inoperable cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles, or RVs, we handle them all no matter the size. Additionally, we ship all loads door to door. That means no pick up location to travel to. The vehicle arrives directly to your driveway without hassle. And, if you’re in a rush, we provide expedited pick up that gets your car on the road sooner and to its destination faster.

Or, if you want to ship your car alone, we provide that service, as well. An enclosed hot shot ships your vehicle in a trailer all its own.

Whatever services you desire, Wichita Car Transport offers them. With friendly agents awaiting your call, we help determine the best choices for you. We take pride in pairing customers with the right transport options at affordable prices.

You can reach our agents at (316) 247-8958 Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Call today!