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Hard Side/Lift Gate

When you want to provide added security for your vehicle, our enclosed shipping services offer the most protection. An excellent choice for those transporting luxury or collectible cars, it shields the car body from road dust, debris, and weather. Furthermore, hard side enclosed shipping places your vehicle in a box, entirely shutting out the open air.

Hard side enclosed shipping differentiates from soft side in one key regard. While soft side uses tarps stretched taut to form the walls of the trailer, hard side features complete, solid walls. Both provide safety. However, soft side features small gaps that permit trace amounts of dust and water to enter the trailer. Hard side prohibits even tiny amounts from reaching your vehicle.

While both methods of enclosed shipping, as well as open trailer shipping, remain safe, hard side guarantees nothing reaches your car. For those shipping collectibles with fragile or expensive paint jobs or parts, hard side meets your needs. Furthermore, we utilize lift gates to safely load cars into the trailer. As the safest method of loading and unloading, anyone opting for hard side shipping should also use a lift gate. Our carriers own and operate these tools to ensure safe delivery of your vehicle.

Hard Side Shipping with Wichita Car Transport

All methods of shipping with Wichita Car Transport feature our exemplary customer service. When you ship with us, our friendly agents take a personal approach to your shipment. You never feel forgotten, even after you make your payment. We follow through on every delivery until the car reaches your door. And every shipment is door to door. In other words, we pick up wherever the vehicle is, and drop off at the exact address you request. We strive to make the entire process as simple and convenient as possible.

Additionally, we provide our top notch services at competitive prices. We match and beat all our competitors. A vast network of car carriers allows us the freedom to tailor a shipment to your specific needs in a price range agreeable to your pocket book. While arranging enclosed shipping often takes more time, we make quick scheduling to suit your timetable. However, if time poses an issue, our expedited pickup sets up a faster retrieval so the car gets on the road and to its destination sooner.

When you’re ready to schedule auto transport with the industry leader, give us a all at (316) 247-8958. We’re happy to hear from you!