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Hot Shot Enclosed

When shipping precious, valuable cars, you need the best auto shipper to handle the job. A hot shot enclosed transport means placing your vehicle alone in a completely enclosed trailer. A popular option for car collectors, hot shot enclosed shipping guarantees total protection for your vehicle. You also want an experienced, well-equipped, and professional team to handle such important shipments. The car carriers in the network created by Wichita Car Transport know exactly how to take the utmost care of your luxury, collectible, exotic, or rare vehicle in transit.

The Top Choice for Hot Shot Enclose Car Shipping

Wichita Car Transport carries with it a reputation for excellent service and reliable auto shipping. Our service area includes all pick up and drop off locations across the entirety of the United States. That includes Hawaii and Alaska. No matter the destination, we handle the shipment from start to finish. Furthermore, we deliver it directly to your driveway. Door to door shipping means never leaving your home to retrieve your vehicle. Our carriers carefully load and unload wherever you tell us to do so.

We prioritize convenience and affordability. In addition to door to door service, the hot shot enclosed option automatically expedites your shipment. Ordinarily, cars load several at a time into a trailer that makes multiple stops along its route. With hot shot, you don’t share the route with any other vehicles. Therefore, the direct path cuts down on time-consuming stops. You get your vehicle delivered in record time, both safely and in the exact same condition we loaded it in.

As the most secure method of car shipment, our hot shot enclosed transport guarantees safe delivery. It risks 0 damage and completely encases the vehicle, protecting it from road dust, debris, and weather. While other options remain completely secure, like our open trailer shipping, this takes security to the next level. While more expensive, we still offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.

When it comes to transporting your most precious asset, there’s no better option.

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