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Soft Side

Sometimes, you want more protection for your car when shipping it across long distances. Snow, rain, dust, and debris reach cars loaded onto open trailers. While still entirely safe, certain vehicles demand greater care. However, price point factors into your choice. Enclosed trailer shipping comes at a higher cost. Though, soft side off-sets some of that cost. And, with Wichita Car Transport, we guarantee an affordable, competitive price for your soft side car transport.

Within your enclosed trailer shipping options, you have both hard side and soft side. Hard side loads vehicles into a metal box that entirely encases them. Similarly, soft side trailers protect vehicles, but with curtain walls. The trailer features stretched and secured tarp that provides a barrier between your vehicle and the open air. While some light dust and other elements slip between cracks, the method mostly blocks out all incoming substances.

When opting for enclosed trailer shipping, most customers choose soft side. It strikes a balance between budget and security that most find agreeable. And, with Wichita Car Transport, rest assured you get the best price paired with the best service in the car transport industry.

Wichita Car Transport’s Soft Side Shipping Option

Shipping with Wichita Car Transport means the best auto shipping experience from start to finish. Our agents prioritize your needs and walk you through the entire process in a friendly, welcoming manner. We understand shipping often feels like a big task, but we make it easy for you. Once they lock you into the best options for you, they schedule the pick up and drop off at your convenience.

All deliveries are door to door. In other words, you don’t have to travel to pick up your vehicle. It arrives straight to your driveway. Furthermore, our carriers make timely deliveries on their routes. However, if your schedule demands quick delivery, arrange an expedited pick up. We prioritize your car’s pick up so it gets onto the road faster, and therefore to its destination in the quickest time possible.

We also ship to and from any location in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. So, if you’re a snowbird, for example, shipping between Hawaii and your home in New England isn’t a problem. Make annual trips using our services, we feature a lot of repeat clients. Our customers love working with us because we know how to treat them and their cars right.

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