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Ferrari Promises to Include The 296 GTS to Plug-In Hybrid Lineup

You are currently viewing Ferrari Promises to Include The 296 GTS to Plug-In Hybrid Lineup
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Do you know what Ferrari has been up to? Quite a lot. From fighting the Formula 1 folks to acquiring an aerodynamics specialist up and out of Mercedes, Ferrari has been driven to continue providing the world with the best cars in all of the World. Ferrari’s Grand Touring Spider aka GTS allows for 120-degree twin-turbo V-6, along with an electric motor placed between the engine and gearbox. The motor creates beyond 164 horsepower in tiny bursts. This is rather continuous of a boost to boot with 819 horsepower. The torque has gone down to about 546 lb-feet, along with the urgency of the electric motor and the high-speed of the V-6.

So What’s So Amazing About This Car?

The 296 GTS has a dry weight coming in only below 3,400 pounds, nearly 150 pounds above the coupe. There had been a power-operated hard top with a strong chassis. Additionally, the 296 is hitting about 62 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds and up ahead to 124 miles per hour in only 7.6 seconds. The Price-Range for the 296 GTB is at a different pricetag at about $317,986.

Other Fun Specs About The Ferrari 296 GTS

Consider the 2.9-liter engine, and the V-6 cylinders in the 296 GTS’s engine. It contains a two-piece retractable hard top (RHT) that folds over the engine. It’s all for the benefit of a thermal dissipation for the engine bay.

Ferrari was looking to reutilize the sound of the piccolo-like V12 harmonies. As a result, they reworked the “hot tube.” In classic muscle car standards, the Ferrari 296 GTS has a strength unlike any other plug-in hybrid. These type of cars are important to conserve. For they prove the sanity of the economy as is.

You might also notice that the GTS has unlimited headroom and it only takes about fourteen seconds for the head room. The vehicle can push out to about 124 miles per hour in only 7.6 seconds.

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