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Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid Proves Itself As A Remarkable Ride

You are currently viewing Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid Proves Itself As A Remarkable Ride
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Ford Maverick is a front-wheel-drive hybrid which is quite the accomplishment in itself. This specifically has to do with the base price. That being about $21,490. It’s possibly one of the cheapest electric vehicles ever. The truck offers a midrange XLT model, and it seems pretty damn likable. This is because it’s packed with an optional sunroof, a spray-in bedliner, as well as a lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, and many more features. But of course, that raises the pricetag up to about $26,645.

So How Does the Ford Maverick Handle?

Such a car like the Ford Maverick has hybrid powertrain capacities that allow it a 2.5-liter inline-four engine that gets augmented by two separate electric motors. The powertrain can afford about 191 horsepower. Additionally, there’s the capacity to switch from gasoline to electric without any issue. This allows for a low buzz when you don’t happen to run on electric power solo. Maverick models are able to show up with amazing performance numbers where the value can reside in fuel efficiency. Reps from the EPA believes that the hybrid powertrain can give off strength for 42 mpg in the city and 33 mph in the highway. While there are already huger boosts happening on the 23 to 30 city/highway figures found in the front-wheel-drive nonhybrid variant.

Ford made the Maverick from head-to-toe a total masterpiece. Also, you can see how the interior has storage cubbies while also lining the interior with simply capable to clean plastics with personality. Also, the plastic trim on the panels of the doors and dashboard sports all sorts of marbled coloring that can contrast nice with the dark navy found everywhere else.

Furthermore, the front seats have a two-tone gray cloth upholstery found in the XLT test vehicle. Whereas the rear-seat passenger seats have better visibility. In storage related news, the Ford Maverick will be able to fit enough medium-sized items in the 4.5-foot length of the truck.

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