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Ford Offers A New V-8 Supercharger Kit With 800 Horsepower

You are currently viewing Ford Offers A New V-8 Supercharger Kit With 800 Horsepower
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Ford is coming in hot with a brand-new supercharger with courtesy of Ford Performance. All as the one engine, being a regular 5.0-liter V-8, will allow the kit that can lift the horsepower from 480 to nearly 800 ponies.

The Supercharger is about to present itself upon the Ford Mustang FP800S concept, all as they are previewing a package of more Ford Performance parts, all as it shows up on the Ford Mustang concept which will be showing itself off at the SEMA show.

Additionally, the Ford Mustang comes with a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V-7 with about 480 horses above the showroom floor. The figure had risen to about near 800 horses along with the Whipple 3.0-liter supercharger as it comes equipped with upgrades to the air systems and fuel systems. Ford themselves believe that the kit can be compatible with the automatic and manual transmission, while the company believes that the version was acutely-designed for the Mustang Dark Horse.

In compliance with CARB regulations, the supercharger kit has delivered a three-year 36,000 mile warranty from Ford Performance. No price has been made public at the time of writing.

What are the specs on the 2024 Ford Mustang FP800S Concept car?

Ford is revealing a new treatment for the Mustang with a Borla Extreme cat-back exhaust with brand-new four 5.0-inch tips. In addition, there’s a lower ride heigh with strong half-shafts as well as carbon-fiber aero elements.

Using the supercharger kits, with a separate identity from the FP800S package that will allow it to go straight into production, all while the Mustang has a relatively optimistic appearance, all as white wheels and grille nostrils come with a body-side stripe. It’s a pretty damning circumstance to be under that amount of anticipation. Ford will be pushing their Supercharged concept car all the way to the Finish Line.

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