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Ford Shows Off Track Versions Of The 2024 Mustang

You are currently viewing Ford Shows Off Track Versions Of The 2024 Mustang
The Ford Mustang has many new trims coming out of the woodwork.
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The Ford Mustang that you know of is about to be forever revolutionized. Specifically with the track driving of new special versions of the Dark Horse Why are we getting treated to so many different versions of Ford Mustangs? Ford is launching various versions of Mustang for competition in GT3 and GT4 sports car racing, just like NASCAR Cup series, NHRA and Australian Supercars.

How so?

With the new Dark Horse track cars, Ford is entering several racing series with the brand new Mustang. The factory-backed GT3 is going to be made avaialble for customers and deemed eligible to begin competing in the IMSA SportsCar Championship in 2024 at the 24 Hours of Daytona. Additionally the GT3 is going to use a 5.4-liter V-8 dedicated to the Coyote engine in the street car, while Ford is also likely to offer a GT4 spec car that will be made available for the IMSA SRO and the FIA GT series. Ford is looking to launch a new version of the Mustang with the Australian Supercars series in the following next year. The other Mustangs of new design will appear in the NASCAR Cup series and the NHRA Factory X class.

What are the facts on this?

Similar to the Mustang GT, the Dark Horse variant can only be offered with Ford’s Coyote 5.0-liter V-8 engine. This is only evident in the last generation of the engine, while featuring dual throttle bodies with dual air intakes. The edition of the Dark Horse had been enhanced further.

There’s more internal components with the connecting rods from the GT500 and the supercharged engine with a 760-horsepower with a 5.2-liter Predator V-8.

The Ford has the Dark Horse engine with a naturally aspirated V-8, while it’s paired with a Tremex six-speed manual. Meanwhile, the 3D-printed titanium knob is standard. The 10-speed automatic transmission is the alternate option, where both transmissions are capable enough to power the rear wheels via a Torsen Limited Slip-Differential.

There are plenty of different names that one can choose for the Mustang heritage models. Such as Bullitts, Bosses and Mach 1s. Part of the reason that Dark Horse was chosen, the company had new competition was left with a new Mustang.

The Ford brand is making sure there are several track-only versions, while there is dedication to stronger 5.0-liter V-8 and carbon fiber wheels with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS tires. In total, there’s a 500-horsepower strength to be given off. Granted, the two other models that can come about with our Dark Horse R and the Dark Horse S, the S shows a non-essential trim with no components. It’s capable as a fire suppression system with a pit speed limited and a data collection system.

The Dark Horse R has more focus on racing, with a brand new fuel cell to increase range and a Dark Horse S with a multimatic DSSV dampers to show forth a Dark Horse S model. The Dark Horse has the best Ford Performance Parts wheels with a new strategic seam welding to recreate the car’s body as a harder exterior.

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