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Ford’s Last GT Mark IV Propels An Homage To Le Mans

You are currently viewing Ford’s Last GT Mark IV Propels An Homage To Le Mans
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Ford is finally saying goodbye to the GT. In 2023, the Ford GT Mark IV will be the absolute final edition of special quality to be released. Back in August 2021, Ford had released a 1964 prototype-themed livery with an homage to GT’s ultimate year of production. Finally, in February 2022, Ford had given a tribute to the Mark I prototypes of the 1960s, with a very exclusive red, gold and white model. Right after, there had been a Holman Moody Edition that would celebrate the legacy of Ford when it finished at Le Mans in 1966.

So what are the stats?

As the final track-only model, the 2023 Ford GT Mark IV delivers the Ford GT’s high level of performance, advanced technology and handling, all because of unique engine and transmission, with a long wheelbase and aerodynamic design. It comes equipped with an engineered twin-turbo EcoBoost engine targeting beyond 800 horsepower, with a carbon fiber “long tail” body, race transmission and an additional Multimatic Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) suspension.

They’re available to apply to order from Multimatic with limited production to 67 hand-built supercars, all with number honoring the O.G. 1967 GT Mark IV race car.

The GT Mark IV holds nothing back from max track performance.

Fresh-Ford GT Mark IV brings it forward within the same way. There’s even a high-level of motorsport engineering and performance involved as well, with a very new carbon fiber body that functions and strikes as the greatest sendoff of the third-generation supercar.

Sixty-seven of the original hand-built supercars had been produced at Multimatic’s facility in Ontario. The Ford GT Mark IV in this case makes a positive nod to the year that the Mark IV won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Ford GT Mark IV holds a history of technological advances while showing off the re-engineering that is available to make the 1967 Ford GT Mark IV. Ford engineers made a brand new lightweight chassis with adhesive bonded honeycombed-aluminum construction with an aerodynamic body, while also being named the J-Car, wll because it had been built to the newest standards of FIA Appendix J.

Bring them together with the 427 Ford V-8 (7L) engine and even a special transaxle with it’s very own cooling system that would carry power to rear wheels. Where the 1967 Ford GT Mark IV had been 9-inches longer, while also being specific to dominate global endurance racing.

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