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GMC Believes They’ll Have Amazing Records With Their Sierra Sales

You are currently viewing GMC Believes They’ll Have Amazing Records With Their Sierra Sales
GMC Sierra sales are looking good, which is a great sign for the company more broadly.
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When it comes to suffering through the semiconductor chip shortage, no car company has been hit harder than General Motors. Yet, their subsidiary GMC is likely to be more than proud of themselves and their Sierra. In all truth and reality, it seems that they’re going to be experiencing a record year of Sierra sales. This is therefore inspired by the decision on many General Motors’ dealerships that they can have sales over $55,000.

Buick GMC’s Global VP, Duncan Aldred, believes that “we’ve done very well. We believe we can still have an all-time sales record on the Sierra.” They’re looking at next year as an opportunity for improvement. When it comes to which of the GMC three is selling from the Sierra line, it’s just them in that case! The Elevation, AT4 and Denali are without a doubt the more popular of the high-end trims. The 2021 Sierra AT4 light-duty for instance has a starting price of only $54,700. Whereas the Denali comes in at a hot $55,800 and the Elevation at about $43,100.

The Sierra sales are definitely a positive sign for GMC in general.

As you can tell that they led with a 9% gain they had over 2019’s sales. During such a time as 2020, GMC has been able to sell about 253,016 Sierra pickups.

GMC is certain of its influence on the world at large. So of course, you’re going to want to trust them as the superior car company. Otherwise, how else will you be successful at defying the man? I ask this of you and I ask it sincerely. You have to have a GMC vehicle if you’re to get ahead on Earth. That’s the only real answer. Otherwise, you may not be driving the latest and greatest in General Motors, generally. You try surviving a chip shortage.

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