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Government Auto Shipping

When a government employee receives a post in a new city, the move puts strain on their life. To alleviate some of it, they turn to companies that assist in the shipment of their personal items. Their car poses the greatest challenge. However, in the hands of a professional and experienced auto transport company, shipping cars, personal or government owned, that process becomes simple and hassle-free.

Wichita Car Transport provides the services you need when transferring to a job in a distant city. Whether the post exists across state or across the country, our network of car carriers spans all 50 states. So, even if you move to Hawaii or Alaska, our operation handles the distance. With door to door transport, you don’t have to worry about traveling at all to retrieve your car. It shows up right in your new driveway.

We understand the stress imposed on government workers in the course of performing their public service. That’s why we prioritize the ease and simplicity of your car shipment for you.

Wichita Car Transport’s Easy Process for Government Vehicle Shipping

Whether you need to ship your personal vehicle or need to take a government vehicle with you to a new city, we provide the best car shipping experience in the industry. With professional car carriers trained to accomplish any task, rest assured no roadblock delays your schedule. A new job often demands your attention right away. A lag in the delivery of your vehicle puts a wrench in the gears. Our scheduling accommodates tight schedules. Furthermore, if you need the car shipping even quicker, we offer expedited pick-up. This option prioritizes your order and gets it on the road sooner.

We also offer a variety of shipment options. Both open and enclosed shipping present a range of protection for your vehicle. Open car shipping is the cheaper option, but exposes your car to road dust and weather. While still completely safe, perhaps you require more security. Our enclosed shipping options include hard and soft side, as well as hot shot, in which we ship your car in its own trailer.

When it comes to payment, our prices remain the most competitive in the field of car shipping. We can coordinate with your employer if they arrange the payment for your shipment, as well.

Our friendly agents await your call. They walk you through the entire process and help pick the best plan for you.

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