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Honda Adds A TrailSport Trim To The 2024 Ridgeline

You are currently viewing Honda Adds A TrailSport Trim To The 2024 Ridgeline
Honda Goes Rugged With A TrailSport Trim!
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Honda has a new pickup coming out in 2024. Specifically, the Ridgeline, as it is the premiere rugged vehicle from the Honda dealerships. Of course, all the new features are able to be seen in the various trims. Such as the Sport trim, the midrange RTL, the Black Edition and the TrailSport trim. With this final one, the TrailSport trim, it comes with plenty of adventurous details that matter. Such as off-road tires, all-terrain General Grabber A/T Sports to be specific, as there is enough grip handled in the Ridgeline TrailSport. The Comfort has quickly been improved in every model, as it comes complete with redesigned console and larger, even faster infotainment to enjoy in the system.

The pricing is varied, as the base Sport trim comes in at $40,175 while the $46,105 had been available for the Off-Road TrailSport, which is itself can swap out the RTL-E within the lineup. Meanwhile, the RTL trim comes in at $43,955 and a Black Edition that comes in at $47,725, Such prices come up between $120 and $950, in comparison to last year, all depending on the trim level. Such lower fuel-economy ratings is especially useful in this case.

What other specs can we observe?

A 3.5-liter V-6 engine that can create 280 horsepower and about 262 pound-feet of torque, all while powered by a nine-speed transmission. The Ridgeline comes with all-wheel-drive and even the i-VTM4 torque-vectoring system that will relocate all of 70% of power to the rear wheel, as needed.

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