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Infrastructure Summit Hosts Hundreds

You are currently viewing Infrastructure Summit Hosts Hundreds
Kansas roads could see massive investment in the coming years.
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Over 650 Kansans showed up to the first ever Kansas Infrastructure Summit last week in Wichita. Held over the 13th and 14th of July, the summit featured proposals for ways for Kansas to spend its $3.8 billion in federal infrastructure aid. The aid, which will be spread over the next five years, will help Kansas shore up its struggling water, transportation, and even internet infrastructure.

Governor Laura Kelly hosted the Infrastructure Summit. Kelly said the attendees would learn what grants are available and how to effectively apply for and win grants. They would also help the state sort out its infrastructure priorities for the near future.

The newly formed Kansas Infrastructure Hub hosted the summit. Led by DOT Secretary Julie Lorenz, the Hub will help coordinate grants for infrastructure projects. The Hub includes input from various state departments, including Agriculture, Commerce, and Transportation. It also takes in input from private interests.

The $3.8 billion in infrastructure aid all comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which passed earlier this year. BIL earmarked over $1.2 trillion for upgrading and expanding America’s struggling infrastructure.

The Infrastructure Summit Discusses Much Needed in Kansas

Kansas is no exception to the infrastructure issues that plague the U.S. The Sunflower State’s report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers gave its infrastructure a “C” grade. While no state bordering Kansas got a better grade, it shows that there are clear areas for Kansas to improve.

Take Kansas’ roads. ASCE gave Kansas a “C-” on its roads, with most of the negative attention focused on road safety. Like in many states, vehicle fatalities are on the rise in Kansas. ASCE also mentioned that a number of sorely needed projects have been delayed over the last few decades. As Kansas residents drive nearly 86 million miles on roads every day, delaying these projects can cause massive wear and tear on Kansans’ cars.

Delays also create road hazards like uneven or cracked pavement. This is why Wichita Car Transport supports these investments in Kansas roads. Not only do Kansans deserve it, but it will help preserve our large car carriers on our long trips all over the country. With better roads, we can help transport your cars anywhere in the U.S.!

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