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Kansas Brings In The Free Naloxone Vending Machines

You are currently viewing Kansas Brings In The Free Naloxone Vending Machines
Naloxone is widely available for the masses of Kansas.
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In the struggle to fight opioids, vending machines have entered the arena. They provide very useful items called Naloxone as it is a medication that had been previously approved of by the Food and Drug Administration, as it reverses opioid overdoses. This can all help block the effects from heroin, morphine and even oxycodone. Such machines are going to be visible in the following counties: Douglas, Johnson and Wyandotte, as well as the Reno, Sedgwick and Crawford counties all over Kansas.

This is definitely a good way to counter opioids.

One drug taking out an entire crisis may just be what will shift the tides in the neverending fight. All any residents of Kansas would have to do is insert their Zip codes to easily access the Naloxone. Free-of-charge, fentanyl test strips will also be available.

When individuals want to ordinarily purchase Naloxone, it tends to be so pricey, it’ll cost around $40 to $50 per kit. In turn, that makes the whole process of it much easier. Widespread, the whole process may be considered much more attainable to be a part of, given that the DCCA, a nonprofit involved in distributing naloxone will allow people to equip others with a useful lifesaving drug.

Within the agency, the naloxone kits and fentanyl test strips are provided to any Kansas resident for free. A couple of the counties had been picked because they were seen as the hugest utilizers of the naloxone program. The agency will, supposedly, rely on data and partners for whereabouts the vending machine can be placed in an outdoor setting. Such locations aren’t quite ready to be announced, while the machines remain outside for 24-hour access.

Further dialogue regarding the vending machine has continued onwards with the Douglas County’s own enforcement as it funds their own opioid settlement grants.

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