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Local Doctor Is Looking To Administer Vaccines In Response To RSV

You are currently viewing Local Doctor Is Looking To Administer Vaccines In Response To RSV
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COVID-19 is ravaging the nation to no end. And what a terrible pandemic it has been! Only now are we getting the vaccines? Unbelievable. But in all truth and reality, there are other threats to our bodies floating around. Such as the Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Otherwise known as RSV. And a local doctor is trying to stay ahead of the damage that RSV can easily ravage on the rest of the United States.

A Local Doctor Is Fighting RSV

Dr. Terry Kline, who happens to be a medical director at the Alliance for Medical Research has conducted experiments. And after doing so, he can full-heartedly confirm that RSV is a legitimate threat. “We have seen in the last two months that RSV has increased three times,” says the Local Doctor.

“And, this isn’t even the time of the year when we’re most at risk. Because it’s usually the fall, winter and early spring that is the problem.” RSV is likely to impact infants and toddlers alike. But what about older people?

Well, Doctor Kline attests that this can be far worse for the elderly. Believe it or not, this RSV actually takes about upwards of 14,000 lives a year.

The doctor is announcing that the scarring occurring with COVID happens “in the lower respiratory area that’s exactly where the RSV will find itself and where it does its damage.” This is what the Local Doctor attests to be true.

So him and his research team are starting a trial for phase three RSV vaccinations. Surviving COVID patients should definitely sign up.

Apparently, the trial is set to start in August. Currently, officials are searching for 200 volunteers within the four area sites, located all in Kansas. To sign up, it’s a matter of contacting the Heartland Research Association at 1-888-259-1231. Until then, RSV can only go out of control more and moreso.

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