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McLaren Has A Windshield Now… Even Though They Started Out Without

You are currently viewing McLaren Has A Windshield Now… Even Though They Started Out Without
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McLaren has been able to design an Elva model without a roof. But now, the latest Elva is creating a version of itself without a windshield. This instead has a rectangular air deflector located at the nose which pushes air upwards and out of the cockpit. Not to mention there happens to be about 2866 pounds attached to an engine output producing about 804 horsepower.

The McLaren happens to now be limiting the experience by taking out the Elva with a windshield.

And now, it just kind of looks a little less cool.

This is to say that safety reigns supreme in the world of automobiles. You can only assume that a company like McLaren has to contend with the parameters of having to beat the standards raised by the world-at-large. Do you ever wonder if life has more to offer than what McLaren is giving us? It’s such a conundrum. You almost are left thinking that life will only be that much more valuable with windshields. This is the idea. We have to make our world work for us without it becoming too lame too fast.

Put it to you like this: If we didn’t have windshields, who would shield us from the flying annoyance that living is just a fleeting blip on the plane of existence? Not entirely sure to be honest. It all makes me so tired and concerned. Which is why McLaren, though lame for using windshields in this model now, still has what it takes to make a lasting impression. This all makes me consider life on a wider perspective. Like we’re always meant to be evolving into different scenarios. And not all of them will be failures. Some of them will be truly incredible. We have to hold close those instances. They’ll be valuable beyond compare someday in some way.

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