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Mercedes-AMG EQE Starts Up A Thrill With 677 Horsepower In 2023

You are currently viewing Mercedes-AMG EQE Starts Up A Thrill With 677 Horsepower In 2023
Mercedes is showing off the AMG perspective of the EQE electric sedan. We're certain it's going to cause quite a ruckus in 2023.
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Mercedes-Benz keeps on improving themselves with all these new additions to the electric lineup. This grows further and deeper with the Mercedes-AMG EQE. The latest version of the electric sedans aims to show the performance of the AMG EQS yet within the EQE smaller package. And it is oh-so-exciting. The AMG EQE53 brings the power level from each of the electric motors from 617 horsepower and 701 pound-feet. The additionof the Dynamic Plus ackage will show your way to a package that shows for a total of 677 horsepower as well as 738 lb-feet of torque. Mercedes brings the vehicle to 60 miles per hour within the 3.4 seconds within the standard car. The top speed, at that point, would be about 137 mph.

Mercedes-AMG mentions major upgrades.

Such as the powertrain and the cooling system for the 53 version. Motors in such a case show rear-biased power distribution. This is all well displayed in the 90.6 kilowatt-hours battery as the standard EQE could as well. In which case, the range can be reduced when give comparison for the less powerful non-AMG model.

The AMG EQE models bring the body panels with the regular EQE models combined with a unique wheel and tire combo. This, of course, allows for AMG decord unlike any other. This will lend to an extra sense of presence upon the road. When you spot the “sound experience” functionality, you’ll see that it’s easily part of the Dynamic Plus package. Toss in some artificial sounds and it gives off AMG-specific designs unlike any other.

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