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MG Motor Unleashing Brand New Car Concept Art For The Masses To See

You are currently viewing MG Motor Unleashing Brand New Car Concept Art For The Masses To See
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MG Motor is showing off images of their Cyberster electric conecpet vehicle. This is way ahead of the debut that was originally scheduled at the Shanghai Motor Show. This two-seater sports car has been made by the MG Advanced Design Centre, over there in london. This has been designed as an homage to the classic MGB Roadster. MG happens to be an ever-shifting UK automaker dating their roots back to 1924. This has been after decade upon decades of innovation. MG Cars, as it were, had many successors before starting way early in the 1950s. Back in 2006, Nanjing Automobile Group had acquired MG before being one with SAIC Motor just a year later.

It was after this that the MG Motor group relaunched. This has since allowed them to produce vehicles made originally at London and later manufactured in China. MG Motor rolls off vehicles from assembly lines only a decade ago.

MG Motor has always been the type of company that would release electric vehicles such as the MG ZS. That in itself is an electric MG5 hatchback. Not to mention PHEV versions of existing models. Not to mention MG Motor has been creating electric sports car concepts. Such is the MG E-Motion. Sadly, that car never got into production. The automaker is looking to make another concept debut in China.

MG Motor likes to say that their Cyberster is pretty much an ode to the original MGB Roadster. That was all the way from the 1960s. There are also Magic Eye headlights which can turn on by switching open. Not to mention a slim grill design.

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