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Military Deployment Transport

Military personnel honor our country with their service. They make sacrifices to protect and serve their homeland. Deployments, training, and persistent preparation comprise the job of the dedicated men and women that our branches of military consist of. One taxing part of the military life is the constant shift between bases. With Wichita Car Transport auto shipping, shipping between bases becomes easy and hassle-free.

Lifting up and moving when the orders come through creates a burden on military families. In addition to packing up all your things, your car needs to make the journey to a new city. One option is to drive it yourself. However, the time, money, and effort it takes only increases the burden. Car shipping resolves all of those issues. First, when you use the right company, you receive an affordable price. That saves you money on gas, food, and hotels. Then, you also save time. You can fly to your new home while our car carriers transport your car for you.

Finally, Wichita Car Transport offers the simplest and easiest car moving process for military families.

The Simple Car Moving Choice for Military Service Members

All car shipments pick up at your residence and drop off in your new driveway. Door to door shipment means you never have to travel for the car shipment process. If your new residence is situated in a difficult to reach location for our drivers, we will arrange the nearest location for you. We work closely with our drivers and rest assured, our customer service stands unmatched.

With friendly and attentive agents, you won’t worry about who you leave your car with. We keep you notified of all updates and make ourselves available to you for any questions or concerns. You serve our country, and we, in turn, want to show our respect by serving you.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of shipment options. We work with both open and closed car carriers. Most prefer open for its cheaper price, but for those concerned about road dust and weather, we provide closed shipping, as well. And we even offer sub-options. Ship soft-side or hard-side, or in a hot shot without any other cars. We ship any type of car, including motorcycles, anywhere in the country.

In a rush? Our expedited shipping option schedules a quicker pick-up, getting your vehicle on the road as fast as possible.

To get started on your car shipping, give us a call at (316) 247-8958. We look forward to serving you.