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Military Equipment Shipping

Military equipment transport poses a unique challenge. Lots of auto transport companies advertise services that include extraordinary shipments. While many companies provide services shipping heavy loads, few understand the value, size, and scope of a piece of military equipment. These jobs require a level of expertise, as well as a set of tools, most auto transport companies simply don’t possess.

The difficulties inherent in moving military grade equipment include much more than traditional commercial auto shipping. Loading and unloading military machinery involves delicate and detail-oriented professionals. Then, once they hit the road, certain restrictions and traffic concessions must be adhered to. Coordination with the bases, as well as permit acquisition, mean putting in more work than a typical car shipment. The entirety of the transport process demands more than a willingness to rise to the occasion. You need someone that’s done it before.

Wichita Car Transport employs the best experts in the field of heavy duty shipping, including military equipment.

Ship Your Military Equipment With Wichita Car Transport

As a comprehensive industry leading company in the field of auto shipping, Wichita Car Transport consists of a team of professionals fully capable of shipping your military equipment. All our drivers completed training to operate the military vehicles in order to load and unload them. Additionally, our agents understand the necessary administrative responsibilities involved. Obtaining permits, scheduling, and route choice for your military shipment is handled by our knowledgeable staff. Furthermore, we know have familiarity with all the military and marine bases throughout the country – in all 50 states.

Our standard shipping options available to normal loads remain available for heavy duty military shipments, as well. Door to door, or base to base as the case may be, is an automatic feature of our service. Wherever in the country, including Alaska and Hawaii, we can pick up and drop off your shipment. For added convenience, we also provide expedited shipping. This option arranges a quicker pickup, prioritizing your shipment. Then your equipment gets on the road faster, translating to a quicker delivery.

All these services come at the most competitive prices in the industry. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our services, but the affordability of our prices. Despite the challenges involved in shipping military vehicles, we offer agreeable rates without excess charges. We understand the necessity of our country’s forces to shift resources around. We appreciate the opportunity to assist.

Furthermore, if you need to move military personnel and their personal vehicles, we offer discounts to service members.

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