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Moving a Vehicle
Wichita Car Transport can assist you in moving any vehicle!

People often assume moving means driving if they want to transport their car along with their belongings. However, over the past two decades, auto shipping arose as a popular and easy solution to this problem. Now, more than ever before, the process of moving a vehicle is very simple. Trucking advancements and industry growth created this service and now you can take advantage of it with one of the country’s leading auto shippers, Wichita Car Transport.

The benefits are many. First, transporting your car cuts out expensive driving days. Of course, you pay for the gas it takes to travel to your destination. However, also consider the number of days you lose. Depending on the distance, it could take the better part of a week to drive. That means more days off work, hotel stays overnight, and personal energy otherwise used for more important tasks. Furthermore, you depreciate the value of your car when you put that amount of miles on it. Overall, the cost of driving your car across the state, let alone the country, bears itself in many ways.

Then, car transport also alleviates the stress of moving a car. By enlisting highly experienced professionals like the ones we employ, you gain a partner in your move. We take care of your vehicle for you, you can leave every aspect up to us. All you need to do is prepare the vehicle for shipment and give us a call.

The #1 Choice When Moving a Vehicle

Wichita makes the entire process easy and offers a number of excellent services to meet your specific needs. For example, all transport delivers door to door. In other words, we pick up at your chosen address and deliver it exactly where you’re going. You don’t need to travel to a drop off or pick up location because our auto movers come to you.

We also offer both open and enclosed shipping. The most popular option, open car shipping puts your car on an open trailer. While cheaper, it exposes your car to road dust and weather. For most cars, that isn’t a concern, but if you have a car requiring greater protection, we also provide the most secure enclosed car shipping in the business. We load exotic, luxury, and rare vehicles with the utmost care, ensuring no damage comes to them during transit.

And, of course, any method of transit is available to and from anywhere in the country, door to door. It’s the most convenient option, and at our competitive prices, affordable to all.

Give us a call at (316) 247-8958 to get us started on moving a car for you!