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Nonprofits Profit Off Of Evergy Community Response Fund

You are currently viewing Nonprofits Profit Off Of Evergy Community Response Fund
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WICHITA, KS – Have you found yourself working for one of those charitable nonprofits before? It’s thankless work. People pass you in the street, without even the slightest double-take to consider the cause you fight for. And even when you do score a win, there’s always an area of better perspective you should gravitate towards instead. Thusly, your bosses have the right to axe you right then and there.

Luckily, that’s not the case for Wichita.

Recently, several nonprofits from Wichita are receiving funds that will assist in the fallout created by COVID-19. To conclude, organizations benefitting from this inclusion include:

  • Art That Touches Your Heart
  • Black Alliance
  • Create Campaign
  • HealthCore Clinic
  • McAdams Academy
  • Newman University
  • Power CDC
  • The Kansas African American Museum
  • Urban League of Kansas


  • WSU Office of Diversity and Inclusion

As a result, each of these nonprofits will be receiving $10,000 each. The Evergy Community Response Fund has a goal. To award every one of the nonprofits within the 67208, 67214 and 67219 zip codes.

Therefore, by receiving these grants, the nonprofits will continue to promote community outreach in a genuine manner.

Furthermore, the scoring criteria for such qualifying nonprofits is as follows. They reach a high number of people in the community. Therein which exists a high level of support from that same community that benefits from their presence. There must also be a sense of appeal to many citizens involved. All while interaction between individuals is still interesting. (It’s unclear how this deviates with the current pandemic affecting the nation.)

Finally, the aforementioned nonprofits handle leverage in order to come up with a surplus of resources.

The point is to help youth enhancement projects and groups who promote solutions to addressing racial injustice. The applications had scores by the Evergy CIAB (Community Investment Advisory Board.)

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