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Open or Enclosed Transport: Which Should You Choose?

You are currently viewing Open or Enclosed Transport: Which Should You Choose?
Enclosed transport keeps your car safe for a cost.
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If it’s your first time using a car transport service, then first of all, welcome! But you’re not here for pleasantries; you’re here to pick the perfect service for your vehicle. You want someone to ship your car safely but quickly, professionally but affordably. At Wichita Car Transport, we can do exactly that for you. However, we have to ask you a question: do you want open or enclosed transport?

It may be hard for you to decide between these two services. They’re both excellent, and they both work for a variety of situations, but sometimes one is clearly better than the other. Here’s how to choose between open and enclosed transport.

Want to save? Choose open transport!

Shipping your car on an open trailer is the easiest way to save money on your car shipment. Why is that? Because open trailers are more widely available than enclosed trailers and have more capacity. When it comes to car shipping, availability is the best ability. It makes our scheduling more flexible, allowing us to ship cars when we feel we can be most efficient. And speaking of efficiency, it’s much more efficient for us to ship as many cars as possible. We’ll pass that increased efficiency down to you, giving you a great deal on your shipment!

Need to feel secure? Enclosed shipping is for you!

There is one major benefit that using an enclosed trailer can provide that open trailers can’t: complete security. In an enclosed trailer, you won’t have to worry about any outside factors causing your car damage. Some common factors that can endanger cars during shipping are inclement weather (rain and snow can damage your paint job), road debris (ever had a rock crash through your windshield?), and even thieves. With enclosed shipping, you can rest assured that none of that will be an issue for your vehicle. It’ll be safe and sound the whole way to its new home!

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