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Hot Shot

Looking to ship your car solo? Our hot shot car shipping option puts your car alone on a trailer hauled by a single or dually (four rear tires) truck. A prime solution for short distance car moving, hot shot shipping transports your car from one driveway straight to the next. However, we also utilize this method for long distance shipments when the customer requires expedited shipping. When you employ Wichita Car Transport to handle your car shipment, you find our dedicated workforce eager to service your every shipping need.

Furthermore, the hot shot shipping method, when conducted by our network of car carriers, remains safe for the duration of the journey. While the open trailer exposes the vehicle to weather and road dust, it’s no more than when you drive it. And our professionals handle all cars as if they owned them. No damage comes to any car we ship from the moment we load it onto the trailer to the moment we unload directly in your driveway.

We deliver all shipments door to door, so you have no need to travel. Sometimes, companies use a lot to drop off the vehicle in the area of your destination. Instead, we bring it directly to your doorstep. It’s part of the way we prioritize the customer service experience for our clients.

Hot Shot Shipping with Wichita Car Transport

Our years of experience honed a process that benefits the customer’s schedule and pocket book. Our shipments get completed in a timely manner, even without expedited pick up. Furthermore, we price competitively, so our fast and excellent service comes at an affordable price for you. Despite this, we cut no corners. When you call, you’ll realize how comprehensive our services are. The agents that work with our clients pay close attention to their needs, guaranteeing optimal service. You won’t feel neglected or forgotten. We value your business and many of our clients return to us for future car shipping needs.

Shipping a special car? We understand the care and attention required in handling expensive collectible vehicles. Whether inoperable, exotic, luxury, or rare, the experts under our employ take extra care. In fact, we ship all types of vehicles, with the expertise to handle any load. Trucks, vans, buses, boats, RVs, and heavy duty equipment, including military equipment, prove no challenge to our team.

Whatever your requirements, one company stands prepared to exceed them all. Give Wichita Car Transport a call today at (316) 247-8958 to get started!