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Multiple Cars

Most car shipments bundle together multiple orders to move single cars for individual clients. However, sometimes a client needs to move multiple cars at once. It may at first appear a larger task, but in fact, shipping multiple cars with Wichita Car Transport offers a number of benefits for you.

First, you save a great deal of money. The average per car cost drops between $200 and $250. Across a number of cars, that amounts to a great deal of savings, perhaps over a thousands dollars. And that’s on top of our already competitive pricing in the industry. As the leading car shipper in the United States with a network spanning all 50 states, we manage to provide the best prices for our clients.

Furthermore, you save a great deal of time. When shipping a single car, the car carrier makes multiple stops. They drop off each of the cars they carry at the destination specified by the customer. However, when you ship multiple cars at a time, you take more spots on the trailer, reducing the number of stops. You get your cars to their destination in excellent time.

So, if you need to ship several cars at once, whether you’re moving your whole family or your corporate fleet, we offer the best service.

Ship Multiple Cars with Wichita Car Transport

In addition to our prices, we offer the best service in the industry. Our convenient and easy to use service provides the most customer-friendly auto shipping experience in the country. Our agents walk you through the entire process, ensuring all your needs are met and questions answered. Then, our car carriers handle the shipment of your cars with care and expertise. Whether shipping classic cars or a collection of corporate vans, they possess the tools and knowledge to tackle the challenge.

They pick up your vehicles where you keep them, then deliver them directly where you need them to go. Our door to door service ships to and from anywhere in the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. That doesn’t change regardless of car type you ship. Vans, buses, boats, inoperable cars, and RVs arrive at your chosen destination same as ordinary sedans. If you need to reserve an entire trailer, we offer great rates on full load shipping. Whether you want to ship on an open trailer, or enclosed, our car carriers have you covered.

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