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Penalties Set For Fentanyl Tests With Small Amounts Of Marijuana

You are currently viewing Penalties Set For Fentanyl Tests With Small Amounts Of Marijuana
Marijuana shouldn't be found on fentanyl test strips.
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The Wichita City Council has made a vote. 5-2. That’s how it works to exclude fentanyl test strips from the real definition of paraphernalia and not prosecuting possession. Specifically below 32 grams of marijuana.

Fentanyl test strips are well-known as drug paraphernalia in Kansas. In of itself, that makes them totally illegal. And Mayor Brandon Whipple won’t have it. However, he knows the police won’t arrest people for possessing the strips, by putting a policy of what’s already in practice, into practice.

Given the marjiuana, there’s a likelihood that if someone possess less than 32 grams, while the city uses a $50 file policy. The vote on tuesday would therefore drop city prosecution of lesser amount. As far as those in possession will still be prosecuted in district or state court.

However, some councilmembers have already voted against the ordinance.

Of course the City council is likely going to discuss changes to the current policy involving prosecuted fentanyl test strips as well as possession of pot and other paraphernalia.

This follows closely on the heels of a workshop that occurred earlier this year that would show proper discussion of the issue. This would regard more options from the proposed ordinance on Friday.

In a press statement from the Mayor, “It always was a package deal when it comes to what is on the list for a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.” The Fentanyl testing strips are actual drug paraphernalia, in an illegal mannerism. The ordinance would be changed. The test strips are able to detect drugs with fentanyl. Sedgwick County is on the way to hit about 300 deaths due to fentanyl overdoses.

As far as prosecuting people in possession of weed, even less than 32 grams, the city uses a policy of $50 with payment requiring court costs for individuals older than 21. The Wichita City Council also happens to receive legal guidance when it comes to the proposed ordinance.

When it comes to prosecuting people caught in possession of small amounts of marijuana, or less than 32 grams, the city currently has a policy stating a fine of $50 and payment of all required court costs is appropriate for some individuals who are older than 21. 

The Wichita City Council is receiving legal guidance when it comes to the proposed ordinance. For its too heavy a decision to make on their own. See, the problem with ordinances is that they’re still rules. And as long as rules exist, they’re not going to be cool in the near future. Because to obey something that shows a distrust in the local environment of individuals is to say that the people themselves are not worthy of being listened to when it comes to giving of a real sense of maturity and pure decision. Woe is the councilmaker who thinks less of the people that elect them there in the first place.

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