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Pests Invaded The West Part Of Town And People Are Freaking Out

You are currently viewing Pests Invaded The West Part Of Town And People Are Freaking Out
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Horticulture is a certain art in Wichita. And certainly, it’s no different when you have to get rid of a pest. Or a bunch of pests rather. That’s what Matt McKernan, an expert at K-State Research and Extension Office believes. Certainly, the big deal is that you simply must I.D. whatever pest you’re dealing with at the moment. McKernan holds this belief to be true: “Moles are only going to be eating insects and vertebrae in the soil, so earthworms, grubs, things like that. So poisons and baits do not work for moles. They are going to have to be trapped to be effectively controlled. Gophers on the other hand, because they do eat plant roots, you do have the option of using baits.”

McKernan believes that the mounds of dirt have been caused by gophers. Those animals tend to push soul out from a 45-degree angle. This also involves kicking mounds over curbs. However, that’s not the only thing. Gophers tend to not only eat “plant roots, and pull down vegetation, into their soil, they can cause significant damage to trees, shrubs, and other plants in the landscape.”

The mounds of dirt happen to be also popping around Westlake Ace Hardware on west 13th Street. As a result, Shoppers have to go ahead and ask the General Manager Brian Gramlich on how to control all the pests. He tends to be pretty negative about it all. “So hard to get rid of. They are in here looking at what they can do to take care of the holes in their yards.”

Trapping these pests are the best way to rid them. Easiest thing really to do is call a control company. Though if you need help from neighbors, have them work together to stop the problem from happening again.

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