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Pickleball Complex Built For Multi-Millions of Dollars At South Lakes Park

You are currently viewing Pickleball Complex Built For Multi-Millions of Dollars At South Lakes Park
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South Lakes Park is getting a new pickleball complex. This development is costing in a reported $3 million dollars. If that is not astounding, well, I’m not so sure what is. The new pickleball complex is looking to be a go-to destination for anyone who wants to hold great tournaments. This could bring a bunch of new tourism through the city. Troy Houtman, a director of parks and recreation. The name of the facility is the Pickleplex. This area is going to be located not far from Campus High School around 55th South and Meridan.

Pickleball has elements of both the badminton and tennis sports. In which case, there at least two to four players slapping a ball similar to a Wiffleball over a net. Locals are optimistic about how fun the complex will be.

Good news for pickleball fans!

Recently, there have been nine pickleball courts added to the Riverside Tennis Center in the downtown area. On top of that, the town’s continuing enthusiasm for pickleball has spread to a special tax district that builds courts at a private Chicken N Pickle. Yet, Houtman believes that there’s still so much room for the sport in Wichita. This is essentially a means of finishing the idea for pickleball courts at Clapp Park. And yet, there has been no timeline set for the time that there would be an estimated $28 million for the project to finish. To be fair, the City Council themselves have been able to approve a spending limit of $300,000 for the chosen consultant to design the South Lakes Pickleplex. In which case, there would be a master plan to generally accommodate more spots that utilize the park, like in football, soccer and softball as well.

Finally, go play pickleball so that you can tell all your out-of-towners that you have a rad sport you’re a part of!

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