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Republican Lawmakers are Proposing an Anti-Abortion Amendment

You are currently viewing Republican Lawmakers are Proposing an Anti-Abortion Amendment
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Republican lawmakers are advancing a proposed anti-abortion amendment to the Kansas Constitution. They insisted on Thursday that it should go on the state’s August 2022 primary ballot. This controversial action has prompted criticism. In fact, that they fear if it fails, the statewide vote will be held in a different election. I’m on the fence about this amendment. I believe in a woman’s right to choose and decide what she should do with her body. That is a very personal decision and no federal or state legislation should have the power to take that away.

GOP-Controlled House Federal and State Affairs Committee

Approving the measure by the GOP-controlled House Federal and State Affairs Committee after rejecting the proposed change to put it on the ballot in the November 2022 general election. The measure next goes to the House.

Republican Lawmakers in the Senate will Debate it Next

The Senate that is controlled by Republican lawmakers plans to debate a separate but identical measure on Thursday.

Tough Call to Bring in the Anti-Abortion Amendment Based on Past Legislation

In 2019, a Kansas Supreme Court decision finding that access to abortion is a “fundamental” right under the state constitution. Yet both would overturn it. In fact, this would declare that there is no right to abortion under the Kansas Constitution. Therefore, lawmakers can control abortion in place with the U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

This measure would go on the 2022 primary ballot and that what anti-abortion opponents want. In fact, they argue turnout would be too low in municipal and school board elections this year. Therefore, the measure may get lost on a November 2022 ballot.

However, abortion rights supporters see the arguments as dodges. That is because the state’s smaller primary electorate leans toward being more conservative than the November electorate.

Wichita‘s U.S. Senate representative, Jerry Moran, supports restricting abortion beyond 20 weeks.

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