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Republicans Seek to End Federal Unemployment Benefits

You are currently viewing Republicans Seek to End Federal Unemployment Benefits
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Republicans in the nation’s capital and in another state are now trying to put an end to federal unemployment. They are citing a need to “encourage residents to get back to work.” In fact, the state legislative leaders and the Republican House delegation have called on participation in the program. This is following the lead of Republican Mike Parson.

Republicans Spearheading Bill to Cut Unemployment Benefits and Then End it

A Kansas Republican U.S. Senator Roger Marshall is sponsoring the bill. It will cut the benefit in half right away. Though the goal is to end it entirely after the end of June. This, they say, will push workers back to working in all sorts of fields in the Sunflower State.

Republicans, are in fact, arguing that the expanded benefits are an incentive for workers to stay off the job market. It, in fact, hinders businesses’ ability to fill vacant positions. This is sad and unfortunate. People do want to work and employers don’t pay competitive wages!

Republicans Speak Out: Time to Support Economic Recovery

Speaker of the Kansas House Ron Ryckman said by failing to terminate the benefits. It was “failing to deliver a system that supports economic recovery.” Moreover, Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson said ending the enhancing payments is beneficial. It would, in fact, allow Kansas’ economy to “return to normal.”

Background History – Republicans Cite Unpaid Unemployment Claimants

A Kansas activist in a Facebook group saw unpaid unemployment claimants on behalf of a statement of a state Republican Party leader in late April.

The Kansas Republican National Committeewoman, Kim Borchers, was in search of jobless people. They wanted to describe their struggles with the Kansas Department of Labor in a video. It would air as an attack against Governor Laura Kelly in the 2022 gubernatorial race. Then an activist Cassandra Dickerson had agreed to help, too.

Trying to Stay Neutral and Not Weaponize This Election

“It’s so difficult and a challenge. This is because I know it will be used to weaponize this election. This is specifically against Governor Kelly,” said Dickerson, she has organized protects that are related to unemployment benefits in Kansas. “Moreover, I have really tried to stay neutral in the situation. However, I can’t sit back and then pretend that this did not happen. In fact, this did not happen under (Kelly’s) watch.”

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