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Rivian EV Pickup Will Be Constructed In Competition Against Ford

You are currently viewing Rivian EV Pickup Will Be Constructed In Competition Against Ford
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Rivian is one of those companies that has nothing to lose when it comes to EV Pickup capabilities. Mainly because we haven’t seen a lot of their vehicles exist lately. Until recently, when finally news has been made. Months of Pre-Production vehicles had to be made but finally the Rivian team has rolled out the first of their many customer vehicles.

Rivian, backed by Amazon, Is Getting Full Regulatory Certifications While Bringing EVs to the USA.

The spokesperson for Rivian has made it known that the vehicles are likely to be entirely certified by the NHTSA, the EPA, the CARB and are therefore capable of selling throughout all fifty states. At least that’s the news through the emails by Rivian.

The trucks have been waiting for Federal Approval in order to see any movement. The R1T is about ready for production otherwise. And yet there have been unusual production issues that have run into the projected timeline. Isn’t that exciting?

I think it’s absolutely great. It certainly has the makings of a vehicle that will definitely be marketable to the greater population, accordingly.

And when you think about it, they’re doing the best they can under the circumstances they’re facing. There’s a real shortage of components that Rivian is undergoing. Ford themselves have made about 1,500 Ranger EVs from 1998 to 2002. Meanwhile, Chevrolet has been able to create S-10 EVs. But neither company is truly that loyal to Electric Vehicles in the day and age of cheap gasoline. And you may wonder if this is on purpose but truly, Rivian is being as honest and earnest as can be. And that shouldn’t be a crime, now should it? We have the best stance to understand electric vehicles. This is for the benefit of all car drivers involving themselves.

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