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Self-Driving Technology – Will We Need Truck Drivers?

You are currently viewing Self-Driving Technology – Will We Need Truck Drivers?
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Self-driving trucks can undermine thousands of jobs across the US. The issues that come from the trucking industry have been around for a long time. With new technology emerging, we may not need truck drivers anymore.

The trucking revolution is happening. Now, it might not happen as soon as many believe, but it is coming regardless.

Some of the largest issues with truck drivers are the drivers themselves, truck maintenence and unsafe driving practices and fuel costs. With new technology in development, these issues will be correcting themselves over time, but at what cost?

Unfortunately, it looks like the cost is the workforce itself. With many drivers over extended during the global pandemic, many are speaking out against the current conditions. Well, what happens when you don’t need them anymore? What happens when you no-longer need to pay an individual to do the job? You save money – at the expense of employees.

Self-Driving Tech Can Retire Early Drivers

With thousands continuing to fight on the front lines against COVID-19, the issues of driver infections go down when you no longer have a driver.

Another factor is the overall cost for trucks. With the maintenance costs typically higher than your average auto, the trucking industry factors a large percentage of their income to fixing and making sure their trucks are safe. With limited moving parts in new trucks, that problem fixes itself.

When we look at fuel, its the same thing. Why spend money on fuel when you don’t need fuel to begin with?

When you solve the issue of cost, everything from products to employees come down to a number. With the industry moving closer and closer to fully automated fleets, the threat to thousands of jobs can upend many families and workers.

With companies working effortlessly to get the appropriate technology out to the public as fast as possible, many are wondering if their position will leave them jobless.

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