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A snowbird seeks to dodge the inclement weather that characterizes winter. Snow seems pretty at first, but fades to sludge before long. Moving away from Wichita to warmer climates for winter months proves a wise solution to a snowbird. However, doing so means transporting your life for months at a time. A wardrobe, along with other essential items, make the journey from the wintery environment of your usual home to the place you stay in until spring arrives. Among those items is your car. Driving between homes is tedious and time consuming, but shipping is convenient and hassle-free.

You purchased your car because it serves your needs while providing a comfortable mode of transportation. It gets used probably every day. Going without it for months seems unbearable. However, driving it to your winter home means spending money on travel, as well as adding tons of miles to the odometer. Doing that every year would be exhausting and wasteful. Instead, an affordable and easy to use car moving service ships your car, allowing you to fly while they drive.

Wichita Car Transport is the #1 Choice for Kansas Snowbirds

Easy car transportation is available with one phone call. Our company partners with car carriers all across the United States to provide door to door shipping anywhere in the country. So, if your winter getaway resides in Hawaii, we transport your vehicle to the island no problem! Wichita Car Transport employs the most experienced and equipped car carriers in the industry. That’s why we say with confidence we take care of any car shipment you need.

We also provide a variety of shipment options. As a snowbird, perhaps you own a car more susceptible to weather and wish to protect it against the elements while in transit. Ship using an enclosed trailer to ensure no snow, rain, or road dust reach your vehicle. We understand the care required for special vehicles and apply the appropriate level of safety measures to protect them. Years of working with car collector clients fine tuned our shipping security.

Furthermore, we ship any type of vehicle. Whether you want to bring along your motorcycle, boat, or RV, we possess the tools and knowledge to handle the job. Travel in comfort while we handle the transportation of your vehicle.

Call Wichita Car Transport to set up your snowbird car shipping service today! Our number is (316) 247-8958.

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