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Standoff Ends In Arrest After 1 Man Murdered

You are currently viewing Standoff Ends In Arrest After 1 Man Murdered
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Over the weekend, a deadly standoff engaged police officers in Wichita for several hours before finally resolving with an arrest.

The ordeal began with a petty crime before spiraling into a much more serious situation. Officers from the Wichita Police Department received calls of a shoplifter at a local convenience store. Officers left for the QuikTrip located at Kellogg and Broadway at around 12:20 Sunday afternoon.

The QuikTrip ownership requested police give 22-year-old Jessica Sanders a talking to, and explain she was banned from the store. However, things took a turn when an officer found Sanders at the intersection of Orme and Market.

He pulled up in his squad car to the intersection. There, he reportedly heard a gunshot. When he surveyed the area, he discovered a white female wielding a firearm.

The officer then told Sanders to stop, but she ignored his orders. Instead, she rushed into a home on the 800 block of South Market.

Then she held herself and one man inside while police gathered at the scene.

Standoff Calls in Specialized Force

First, responding police officers attempted to gain entry to the home. However, they could not do so in a safe manner. Therefore, they pulled back, calling for backup.

SWAT arrived on the scene to assist the Wichita police. Once they reached the residence, they put themselves into position.

Throughout the standoff, Sanders appeared to act irrationally. Her behavior led some at the scene to conclude she might have been using illegal narcotics.

Finally, around 4 in the afternoon, Sanders exited the home. When she surrendered, police managed to make an arrest without further incident. Once police entered the house, they discovered 1 victim. A man described only as in his 60s died from a gunshot wound to his upper body. His identity remains unreleased.

As for Sanders, Wichita PD Captain Windell Nicholson said, “She is now on the sixth floor being talked to by detectives.”

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