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Stimulus Checks: How Are People Spending?

You are currently viewing Stimulus Checks: How Are People Spending?
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Stimulus checks have entered the bank accounts of almost all Americans. Since the government has sent these out (with the autograph of Donald J. Trump), many have put it to good use. Others…not so much. Here is what people are spending their extra money on.


For many, being out of work means not having any money. From collecting unemployment (which hasn’t been able to catch up to the rising tide of unemployed) to many buying and selling their own belongings to stay afloat, rent has been a focal point.

Unfortunately, most states haven’t out a freeze on rent, so for many, this check is simply a housing market bailout. For others who are still working, they have put the money aside for other things.

Stimulus Checks on Food

This has been a big one. Many Americans are saving the money for emergencies. Since we do not know what is in store for the future, many are stocking up. This has helped many, but has also worked against the rising demand for stocked shelves across the country. Panic-buying has once again taken a jab at an already crippling industry and many have used their checks to exacerbate the situation.


From purchasing TVs to video game consoles, many are finding ways to help pass the time and create some adventure while in their homes. Netflix Hulu, HBO Now, and many other streaming sites have seen an uptick in sales where they wouldn’t normally see them. On top of that, many have found their way to more constructive methods.

Stimulus Checks Go To The Future

For those lucky enough to still be working and paying bills on time, this has been the perfect opportunity to save that money for emergencies. Countless people and families across the country have used this as a saving grace or as a safety net if they were to get sick or injured.

With most people receiving their checks, the promise of saving and budgeting has been the focal point for many. For others, spending might be a necessary way to continue safe living.

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