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Stop the Spread. It’s Up to Us Campaign Related to COVID-19

You are currently viewing Stop the Spread. It’s Up to Us Campaign Related to COVID-19
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Stop the Spread Reveals Pertinent Public Information

“Stop the Spread. It’s Up to Us, Kansas” COVID-19 public health campaign was announcing by Laura Kelly and the State of Kansas last Thursday. This important campaign shares the importance of testing. Also wearing masks, and encourages social distancing. This holiday season helps to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Included in the campaign is a new testing website, It quickly identifies free testing locations throughout the state.

Stop the Spread Media Campaign

The media campaign is expecting to run on television, radio, social media, print, outdoor and digital advertising which started last Thursday and goes through the month of December. 

Public Health Messages are Important

“Our response requires the most urgent and creative solutions, said governor Kelly in a press release. Moreover, we are at a critical point of time in our fight against COVID-19. Critical public health messages have some humor. In addition, to a holiday spirit to bring a smile and rally our strength. In fact, the campaign aims to reach every corner of our state.

Bringing the Public Together through a Testing Plan

COVID-19 unified testing strategy is including in the campaign. It aims to rapidly increase the state’s ability to provide COVID-19 diagnostic and screening tests to Kansans free of charge. Doubling the number of tests done in Kansas by the end of 2020. Roughly 812,000 COVID-19 tests are done in Kansas.

Testing is Now Widely Available for Everyone

“When testing supplies were limiting. We only recommend that those with symptoms or risk of exposure get testing,” Kelly said. “Now that testing is more widely available, we are urging everyone to get testing so we can better control the spread of the virus throughout our communities. However, it will ultimately keep businesses, schools, and the economy open.”

The campaign is part of a broader, all-of-the-above strategy to encourage Kansans to “follow the best practices, encourage on your own testing, stay away from mass gatherings and use face coverings, according to the news release.

Kansas Hospital Association, Kansas Chamber of Commerce, Kansas Farm Bureau, the Kansas Leadership Center and other Stakeholders is the approach of the partnership.

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