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Subaru Ascent Attains A Fresh Front Fascia And Better Driver Assists

You are currently viewing Subaru Ascent Attains A Fresh Front Fascia And Better Driver Assists
There's no crossover SUV better than this Subaru Ascent!
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Subaru is releasing the three-row SUV with all sorts of new features. Such as the standard 11.6-inch touchscreen with the newest specialty technology.  The Subaru also comes with the EyeSight driver-assistance tech, involving an automated evasive steering feature. Certainly the Subaru Ascent happens to be a member of both the mid-size crossover and SUVs. This Subaru has all sorts of new updates in this model. Especially regarding the appearance and competitiveness. Subaru Ascent has a brand new curb appeal with the brand new front fascia.

The headlights have been changed up to look more assertive. Additionally, the front bumper is updated to handle the air ducts that The Subaru believes with improved aerodynamics under the SUV. Especially, when you look at the rear end, the lights are made into a C-Shape.

What Helps The Subaru Ascent Ascend From The Crowd?

Although when you look at the Subaru Ascent, you can tell that it has great styling. This is an aspect that differentiates the Subaru Ascent. There’s all sorts of new driver-assistance technology. Regarding the inside, the Subaru Ascent allows for standard with a vertical orientation that comes with an 11.6-inch touchscreen that can supplant the standard 6.5-inch display and even an optional 8.0-inch display.

Furthermore, the enhancements for existing features that shows adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, that can handle more operation under a wise spectrum of conditions.

Subaru allows the accomplishment by new control software, with a wide field of view for the camera system with the addition of an electric brake booster.

With the improved driver assists, Subaru says the Ascent can recognize cyclists and pedestrians sooner at low speeds, alerting the driver and braking if necessary. Likewise, models equipped with blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert benefit from the introduction of what Subaru calls Automatic Emergency Steering, which is said to help steer the Ascent away from a collision at speeds below 50 mph.

Other revisions for the Ascent lineup include the addition of an optional 360-degree camera system (previously only a 180-degree view was offered) and a feature called Cabin Connect that’s essentially a PA system where front-seat passengers can amplify their voices to third-row occupants via speakers back there. The black-trimmed Onyx Edition also adds green contrast stitching inside, a newly standard panoramic sunroof, and additional drive modes with hill-descent control. The latter is now standard on the top-tier Limited and Touring trims, too.

Subaru hasn’t released pricing for the 2023 Ascent family, which last year ranged from the $33,970 base model to the $46,570 Touring.

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